A Year With A Rolex 114060

I was so excited when I bought this watch, it was relatively new to the UK and not available to buy with any local dealers. The reviews from around the world were pretty positive and whilst there were no major changes on previous Submariner releases…there were some subtle things that made me buy this over the older version.

I’m not going to write an in depth review on this watch or list the specs.. there’s plenty of those around the web that do a better job.. I just thought I’d list my feelings (good & bad) about this watch.

The good..

  • The size – 40mm without crown, it seems to fit & look bigger on the wrist than the older 14060, it’s the perfect watch size for me.. I’d say the new case design makes this more like 42mm.. which I like!
  • The Oyster bracelet.. the best Rolex bracelet to date.. period! comfy, easy to adjust and pure quality.. apparently also completely waterproof, I’m a desktop diver.. so other than a bit of Mancunian rain.. this thing never got wet.
  • The brand.. yes the watch gets noticed.. It’s iconic.. but in a subtle way… it doesn’t scream.. look at me I’ve got loads of money to waste on watches.. it’s refined & people only really notice it closeup.
  • You can wear it with anything.. I know that sounds a bit girly.. (don’t judge me) It’s a tool watch and a diver.. so it doesn’t look out of place with your scruffy jeans & tea shirt.. or out of place with a dinner suit… can’t say that about many £5k watches.
  • The weight.. about perfect for me… It’s a huge lump of steel 160g..

The bad..

  • Gear slippage when adjusting time, the minute hand jumps when you push the crown back in.. whilst not a big deal & happens on most watches, it’s a £5k watch that shouldn’t do it as much as it does.. the worst I’ve seen on any Rolex and the main reason I won’t be wearing it for a second year..
  • Lume.. disappointingly not that bright.
  • It felt like a production watch.. don’t get me wrong.. the finish & detail is top quality.. but there’s just something about it that made it feel like it popped off a factory production line in japan. It’s a tough one to explain and all I can say.. is it just lacked something I’ve felt with other Rolex Subs..

All in all.. i’ve enjoyed owning and wearing this watch.. do I regret choosing this version over a 116610? I think I probably do..

Rolex Submariner 114060

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